Srinivas Arka’s methods and educational programmes have helped people gain more clarity, admirably manage their stress and to find their own answers. They are able to understand the influence of the mind on their physical health, and learn ways to achieve their objectives by being self-guided by their own active, intuitive faculty.

Mind-body quandary has been one of the most intensely debated topics in Philosophy for centuries. Resolving it, is not the problem but like a question and answer matrix – one wonders which comes first? You cannot think of a question without considering a potential answer at the same time; an answer which may be in the form of dormant awareness in your subliminal mind. Every answer inspires a question and every question stimulates an answer. Like binary numbers, they precede or follow. As constructive debates on the mind-body problem continue to evolve, we will be able to gain a better understanding of this topic. An element that is not mentioned much in philosophical debates is heart-based-intuitive consciousness, which could add some insight into a new dimension of comprehending the mind-body problem. It is through developing this heart-based intuitive awareness, that people are able to discover and recognise their unique positive potential and experience personal growth.

Light Of Learning

The Light of Learning Programme aims was developed over 20 years ago, to assist individuals in achieving their potential - a creative, innovative learning experience dedicated to sparking an interest in education. The CCA organisation are currently running the Light of Learning programme.

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Arka Dhyana - The Intuitive Method

Tens of thousands of people around the world, including academics, students, businessmen, professionals and artists, are already practising and enjoying the results of the Intuitive Method. Through the practice of Intuitive Method, many have gained courage, improved their health and come to experience peace and love in new and exciting ways. In Srinivas Arka’s words, “Intuition awakens when intelligence is exhausted. By consciously allowing your heart to supersede the mind during the practice of this method, the latter will gracefully accept new guidance. The aim is not to control the mind but allow it to flow in the direction you want.”

Srinivas Arka explains how — a method, which he has developed over twenty-five years, can help you find answers silently within yourselves, what your true potential is, and what you can do to make a positive difference. Intuitive Method through concentration on the sense of touch, breath and sound, is essentially a soothingly uplifting experience. It brings ancient techniques meaningfully into the 21st century and its intuitive base allows you to progress and evolve in your own distinctive way.For more information please visit:​

Intuitive Intelligence Programme (IIP)

Subtle Intellectual Thought.

​Intuition is that subtle extra sense that enables us to make a spontaneous decision without involving rational thought. We all have this innate ability to act on a ‘gut level’ feeling; yet more often than not, we give in to logic and reason because modern society has taught us that the way to progress is mainly through intellectual and rational thought.

​We live in the age of intelligence where logic and reasoning takes precedence, but there is a price to pay that is evident on an individual and global scale. There is much discomfort, misery and instability being experienced around the world. Poverty, war, environmental damage, economic uncertainty and an increasingly artificial existence are contributing factors that affect our stress and anxiety levels.

​The more stressed and anxious we feel, the less we are able to effectively manage mental and emotional tension, creating friction in our relations with others as well as within ourselves.

Empower Your Intuitive Self with Srinivas Arka.

​The Intuitive Intelligence Programme was created to address these imbalances and empower you to get back in touch with your intuitive self, restoring equilibrium between the intelligent mind and the intuitive heart.

​Only when intelligence rests, does intuition awaken. Intuition is a self-sustaining and self-guiding force, with unlimited power. When you live intuitively you experience more positive results that enrich the main areas of your life: relationships, health, wealth, communication and self -awareness. A greater clarity and purpose can be achieved within yourself.

The Intuitive Intelligence Programme developed by Srinivas Arka provides the foundation for living intuitively, to help you effectively manage and improve the quality of your life through greater self-awareness. It is a powerful course created into five distinct areas. Within each area, there are different levels of progression and all combine into practical strategies that you can easily tap into for continued success, happiness and personal growth, long after completing the programme.

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