Centre For Conscious Awareness Founded By Srinivas Arka

The Centre for Conscious Awareness founded by Srinivas Arka, is a global, non-denominational, humanitarian organization, committed to the study, research and the development of heart-based intuitive conscious awareness training programmes.

The CCA is a voluntary organization concerned with raising conscious awareness of individuals in order to live a more positive, purposeful and harmonious life. The aim is to inspire and encourage people to explore the deeper aspects of life, develop greater self-awareness and expand human consciousness resulting in improved health, greater clarity and inner peace.

The centre is engaged in a wide variety of activities such as tree planting, fundraising campaigns, charity events and promoting personal development, to help improve the lives of individuals and the wider community. CCA supports compassion towards animals, environmental responsibility, caring for the elderly and putting an end to poverty and child malnutrition.

Currently, five international charitable organisations have been established to help promote, educate and engage within their communities the principles of intuitive conscious awareness.

For more information Please Visit: www.centreforconsciousawareness.org