I greatly enjoyed our conversation. It was pleasant and illuminating at the same time. I feel that all crises in the world – big or small – are at the root indicative of lack of spirituality. Hence to strive toward spiritual growth is a necessity, and how to go about it is where the seeker needs guidance from adepts like you.

Ravi Shankar Aisola (Consul General of India)

An inspirational and insightful teacher with a gentle manner. Srinivas Arka speaks his truth with such conviction, the audience is left wanting to learn so much more.

Jan Langfield, Preston, U.K

I really enjoyed the talk on Sunday. Such wisdom spoken was so inspiring and heart warming, I brought a CD of Srinivas Arka’s previous talks and have enjoyed listening to them as I drive to and from work. Thank you.

Val Jones, Preston, U.K

Really enjoyed the talk and Srinivas Arka is a wonderful inspiring teacher. My energy has lifted so much and his presence has given me many moments to contemplate.

Alison Jones, Preston, U.K

I met Srinivas Arka 15 years ago. I feel fortunate that I met him and had interactions with him, my life has positively changed as he continues to inspire me by his teachings.

I am are sincerely thankful to Srinivas Arka for clearing my doubts about the Meditation method Arka Dhyana(Intuitive Method). He taught me how to be positive and always encouraged me.

I also received guidelines from his books. Srinivas Arka has been an inspiration and has given me courage, positivity and confidence.

Dr.Arun Tokhi Panchkula (India)