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A profound question answered by Srinivas Arka

Srinivas Arka was posed a profound question by a well known Advocate in Bangalore;-

“Someone predicted that Margaret Thatcher would win but even if he did not predict her future, she would still have become what she was destined to become. Considering this theory, why do we seek predictions?”

Arkaji articulately answered;-

“Seeking predictions are for those who want to know what lies ahead to mitigate their anxiety and fear, or to prepare to face the events on the horizon. In other words, to maintain courage in times of failure and derive maximum results during success.

Whatever the predictions might be, there are Shastras, Shamanas and Agamas, Tantras and Mantras showing alternatives to overcome or make miseries and failures less severe. In some cases, by performing Thapasya, Mantra japa, Havan, Yagna, Navagraha yagna and so forth may trim the tide.

Universal forces operating the universe are not dictatorial, on the contrary, there will always be some exceptions with room for modification or to ameliorate especially when unpleasant events are predicted.”

25 December 2022

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