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How to be yourself and experience your intuition?

By Srinivas Arka

July 2017

Dharma means you feel your conscience is clear. It’s like a mirror and you have no guilt. I’m in the right direction and I'm doing the right thing. I tried my best and there is nothing to regret because my conscience is clear. It is reflecting light. Dharma means doing what you have to do in the right way.

How would you know if it is right or wrong? You have to decide at that moment of time. If there are experienced people, expert scholars, then discuss with them what to do. If no one is around, then you have to use your intellect. If intellect is exhausted, then you go to the second level. What is that approach? Intuition.

Intuition will definitely tell you

Consciousness, feeling heart. It is a whisper. It will say: “This is what you should be doing”. There is no information, but only guidance, signals of guidance coming to the surface. “This is what I should be doing, now. This is the best I can do.” Fine, you have no regrets because that's the best you can do and that’s how you are. Artha in sanskrit means wealth. Many people think that wealth means owning a large house, an expensive car and having good comfort. Honestly, that is not real wealth. Real wealth is health. But we have ignored our health so much. People who are not feeling well, step up. You will see the changes. We all know that our body is made up of an average of 65% water, but we are not drinking enough water for the body. Some people drink too much water and then they have problems. Some people don't drink water at all and they have problems. It is moderation. What is moderation? Some people may be overdoing it and they still call it moderation. How can you tell what moderation is? Intuition will tell you; your feeling entity within you will tell you. You need to establish contact with your feeling entity and then that's it.

Close your eyes and try to bring the mind towards the heart centre. Is it enough or should I take a little more? It will clearly tell you. It's practising such an exercise; it's educating ourselves. That education is not available in any of our academic institutions. Hence, we thought we should bring in at least some knowledge in this dimension through setting up a proper institution for studying and researching the potentials of our minds. We thus established Centre for Conscious Awareness, (CCA) organizations around the world. If we have a sound mind, then we can have a sound body. And if we have a sound body, then we can also have a sound mind. They work hand in hand.

How to be yourself. It's like asking how to do nothing. Separate yourself from everything and you will know yourself. You should know yourself first, your inner self first. Separate yourself from:

Your mind

Your thoughts



Your obligations

Your duties

…and when you withdraw, you will know you are yourself by yourself.

Seek silence or meditate using Arka Dhyana When you are yourself and you are close to your inner self, you are true to yourself and you are the real person. That's you; that's the deepest core of you. There are no problems and you're in total oneness, in unity because you are close to the universe.

That attention is very important. We have to pay attention and that attention grows well. The attention of consciousness. The right attention at the right time can do a world of good. You have to perform regular exercise in your own way. Physical activity as well as relaxation are equally important and those things absolutely contribute to our well-being. Some people spend too much time on analysis. The analytical mind denies peace. I wrote it in the ‘Petals of the Heart’ book

You can analyze to an extent but not to the extent of affecting your mind, becoming upset, pessimistic, becoming arrogant and becoming negative towards oneself and others. People who have become negative, need to work on that and understand why. It takes time.



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