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The Laws of Metaphysics

Dementia should not always be looked at as a disease to be treated in the elderly.

Instead, it is an advance stage of mind.

Benevolent Nature’s intention seems not to be trouble to them by unpleasant past memories. In some cases, natural medicine can treat the condition to a certain level. It’s a painful truth that aged parents will not recognize their own children, but for them, some rare peace can is noticed in them. But this is a stage of revolution only Nature can govern.

Being recognised and popular also has its consequences in physical, spiritual, and meta-physical world. Suppose if too many people start liking you very deeply, what will you do?

Law of nature forbids this from happening, so that many people cannot like one person, in the same way at the same time.

Just like physics, we same the natural laws follow through into consciousness and spirituality. Too many people can never like you deeply with the same exact depth, as two things cannot occupy the same space. No two or more people can like the same person with the same frequency. In this aspect, sometimes humans may become confused, but not Nature. Nature has precision in everything and sorts out it itself when humans cannot decide.



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