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Coping with fears and concerns due to the pandemic

There is a lot of panic buying taking place and it is frightening to see if this situation continues things could turn from bad to worse?

In times of difficulty and danger it is natural for us to panic, not always solving the problem. We can cause more damage and harm than the actual problem itself when we overreact.

By being close to one’s breath and spirit and by being in heart awareness, we can think better and see better. We would realize more about the situation and then act more sensibly to know what really needs to be done at that moment. By maintaining presence of mind, we can handle or resolve the situation more constructively. It is the only immediate option and resource we have as humans.

Those buying excessive food in a panic, emptying shops and filling their homes will not be ahead as the food may spoil. In panic mode, unnecessary items may be bought that are not required. The same surplus food or item purchased could have helped others to survive.

For many decades, we have become used to living a fast-paced life. We race, panic, rush and are increasingly externally focussed. Now the time has arrived to become introverted, to stay at home, and to undertake some introspection. Take this time to establish a stronger connection with yourself and your family.

A few moments of Intuitive Meditation like Arka Dhyana or Heart-level meditation can keep you composed.

For more information on Arka Dhyana, and to access the online course please visit:

The worry of getting infected by the virus is only part of it. The financial stress that it causes on individuals, families and businesses is huge. How do we find a way out of this?

The current epidemic is not local but has crossed over a wide geographical area. The problem is not yours alone, but the problem of millions of others.

Everybody is going through this crisis whether they know its seriousness or not. Everyone who is involved in your finances knows what is happening. It is becoming more of a shared problem. Do not assume too many things, try to stay in the present. Things can always change.

“The Earth holds the memory of the past, the sun holds the future and you hold the present.” April 2005.

The human race is facing a lethal virus. We need to put all our problems behind us. We need to keep healthy, put safety first and focus on our wellbeing and existence as a priority. This virus can engulf a large portion of humankind if adequate steps are not taken against its containment. By looking after your fundamental hygiene, you can become a part of global healing and recovery.

I am concerned for my elderly parents and I have a young family of my own. This is causing a lot of strain and anxiety on me.

It is normal for anyone in your situation to be more anxious and stressed. Do not send wrong signals to the universe by being so fearful. Sit for a moment, take deep conscious breaths and let go of everything you hold. Open your eyes with a refreshed mind and begin to recognize everything with a new perspective. Take one step and one day at a time, see what you can do following some basic health instructions provided by health authorities in your country.

“When we live for today, we will become qualified to live for tomorrow.”


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