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It is time to raise our awareness

As Indians we believe in and practice the concept of ‘Athithi devo bhava’, may the guest be treated like Angels or Gods. It is in our cultural DNA to welcome any guest with little or no doubts, and to take their word at face value and accept them. We extend our warmth by catering to them at times the cost of our own discomfort, while often neglecting or undermining our own family members, friends, relatives and colleagues and even doubting the familiar people we know.

This attitude of quasi servitude impairs us with a longer response time to awaken if the guest reciprocates hospitality with tyranny, with aggression which reaches zero tolerance in the Indian context. One only must refer to history, for evidence of this.

Sometimes, a few generations pass by before the awakening takes place. Obeying the laws of evolution, these behavioral traits are passed on for generations without any major mutations, thus going to underly developing communities making them more susceptible to falling under subjugation by others. Hence the population seems to have developed a greater congenital tolerance to outsiders with their cultural influence and practices on Indians on Indian soil. The most puzzling paradox is, we are quick to welcome, adopt and adapt to aliens and alien culture, but comparatively slow to abominate, abandon and abolish them.

Now as we have approached the junction of time from 2019 to 2021, at the cusp of the decade’s curve, there entered from the hub of a foreign state a force, an influence into India. There was an absence of links between governments, but instead a handful of global companies are benefiting all too quickly through waves of fear. A theory is gathering momentum more than ever, that this is a push for a population reduction agenda. This is being imposed via depressing lockdowns, suffocating face masks, long drawn-out tests with annoying carcinogenic sprayed chemical swabs and concealed constituents of unapproved tested injections, unlawfully coerced onto citizens through instantaneous policies. This wave is whipped up by medical corporate greed from decades-long ocean of exploitation. Although the wave of force created an invisible momentum to shut down countries, the veil could not hide all, as the state of a few nations were solidly visible, while others could be glimpsed through a narrow window, or a wider door opening. The rest remained hidden behind the façade of management and property giants.

As a consequence, multitudes of people who were simply living and trying to make ends meet as well as a large portion of middle-class people hopelessly got affected such that their futures became jeopardised, unable to make plans for their tomorrow or provide answers to their children for the first time about whether they would be able to ever return to school or not. Our children's precious time is being sacrificed at the prime of their lives, not for their nation, or any noteworthy cause, but to fulfill the agenda of some who have lost their minds with extreme intoxication created by their exorbitant wealth. Uncertain lockdowns cause much stress and strain on common citizens and small businesses trying to survive. Some nations have no social security, no definite package or loans guaranteed by their governments, but only too much bureaucracy. It is always the ordinary citizens who have to struggle in every aspect of their life. Scaremongering techniques of announcing waves after waves, variants after variants, colored viruses from black, pink etc. and now delta variant seems to be the focus in the media. Whereas Even nature seems to provide a respite or intermission whether experiencing severe thunderstorms, or the rage from earthquakes or any pandemic as observed in the past, such as Sars, Ebola, to name a few here an absence of any such pause remains.

When a country makes and follows everything globally, things are bound to go awry. This is simply because technology is not developed on its own land and is being imported. When this happens, the cultural identity, which is respectful of local environment, culture, practices, and customs, gets distorted, as are festival celebrations that are commonly agreeable if one's faith differs from that of others. One can think globally but live locally. Too much of centralization in state affairs can deter free growth, as well as creative and innovative expression of regions.

Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”

Democratic values provide individual citizens unconditional rights and assurance of their free speech and fundamental freedom of thought. They possess rights over their own body including freedom to determine what goes inside their body without coercion as well as the right to take medicines of their choosing. They are free to follow their own faith and religion. The very act of conferring these rights specifies to those individuals that they must equally respect the rights of their fellow members of society and the nation and refrain from exhibiting provocativeness or undermining the existence of others. All individuals living in a democratic state, ought to receive a formal teaching or training of their liberties, rights, practices and code of conduct equally in respect to the existence of others. They should be informed of their right to space, to life and of free speech; have access to basic necessities such as food, pure water, shelter and clothes and the right to their livelihood. These fundamental rights are not just granted by the constitution but granted by a higher being (God or whatever name you choose to fit your faith) from birth. The rule of law should serve as the backbone of the country's governance. If both natural laws that allow human beings to exist and democratic values and principles are violated, the administration ceases to exist in a creative state to benefit society. Any administration and ruling structure that is in a destructive state cannot uphold itself as a democracy but might be described as a state of “demonicracy" against life.

Our present situation is unprecedented in history. Governments, companies, and other sectors exercising severe and mandatory force to coerce employees, students or volunteers to wear mask .This imposition which lacks common sense as scientifically it cannot be established that masks will give you a high level of protection, when not even surgical masks carry such guarantee. Prolonged hours of wearing the mask can decrease oxygen saturation of haemoglobin in the blood, resulting in hypoxia opening an opportunity for other neural problems to creep in. Individuals are encouraged to be inoculated with substances which have not been subjected to strict research procedures nor completed clinical phases trials to determine its efficacy as vaccines on human beings or adverse side effects. To make matters worse there also seems to be confusion surrounding travel as a result of the expected immunisations. It instills less confidence when early reports purport to be positive towards allowing individuals to travel and then rescind the same through reports that those vaccinated should not travel due to blood clot formations in their bodies. These observations affect us at a physical level.

However, physical health is just one component of our overall health and wellbeing. It encompasses our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, which provides the foundations for us to realise our full potential, find meaning in our lives, as well as leaving legacies for future generations to remind them of their culture and traditions, value of nature, and the significance of their own existence and purpose in life. The truth is that good health is your first wealth. Harmony, peace, clearer understanding of your inner nature, discipline, the right activity, good eating habits, a positive attitude, considering everyone and everything as part of yourself, possessing meditational tendency, and a caring nature, can all help you realise this first wealth, after which, all success follows. In its practice, the ancient Indian medicinal system possesses an intrinsic understanding that views a person wholistically. It is not synthetic but natural in the sense that it is in accordance with nature, as well as scientific, in the same way that other therapeutic systems are. The current measures that are being imposed on us seem to be in conflict with the natural healing process. With the imposition of indefinite lockdowns, a complete change in social behaviour within society is called for. Where once people interacted with each other with a smile, dined together on the same table, and laughed and cried together at entertainment, played or cheered in sports, discussed in meetings at work or exchanged constructive ideas for entrepreneurship or simply for self-satisfaction serving those in need in society, or engaged in creative activities or spiritual discussions all are now being silenced. The myriad ways that humans’ bond with each other is under attack, being unable sometimes to even go for walks in nature will surely break our connection with it.

The state of human condition has become such that fear is present in everyone’s mind. Ordinary citizens are not allowed to exist on their own, in their own country where their ancestors lived, worked and contributed to the land of nativity. Where have we landed, we have to ask ourselves now. Our freedoms have been eroded with each new measure of precaution enforced in place. For even in prison, the prisoner is aware from the authorities how long he or she will remain confined in a cell. Our situation is worse than that. We eagerly wait for the news of lifting of the bans and mandates, as we anxiously hope the front-line medical battalion are doing their part to help save lives. It is left to everyone’s conscience and facts on the ground, which can stand the test of scrutiny and cross-examination. Eager to hear news of (freedom for) which areas have gained their freedom back and which areas have been placed under restrictions again. For the situation is still fickle and it is unclear how long this crisis will persist for. Those in power, not just local politicians, but health authorities and global health organisations through the media endlessly bombard the common public with extended lockdowns. Words from those in leadership positions provide no comfort, no hope, lacking compassion becomes a mere mechanical repetition of a dry message over and over again. Then the news comes of those people whose livelihoods are affected and are not so fortunate to have an office desk position, begging for freedom to make their living while others vanish by taking their own lives unable to continue as they have nothing left. Some who appear to be physically healthy are now facing mental battles with depression and constant bombardment of negative news [1]. There is no provision of compensation for side effects or deaths that occur. Hope for humanity is diminishing because citizens are becoming shelter-less without safe refuge.

Now is the time we must decide to raise questions. Courage is a decision. We must question those in authority, know our rights, increase our confidence, live from the heart in dignity and grace. Not sell our-selves, our family, our friends, our community and our nation for fear. If any organization, individual or group exert force upon you to be vaccinated by intimidation, do not make decisions on the spot, when emotions are flooding high, take enough time to think before making decisions about your life and the life of others or any living being.

When we begin to ask where this push is coming from, many will likely find that to disturb the serenity and peace of the world, you do not need thousands or millions of people, just tens of people is enough. Governments are often funded heavily by large corporations, the media is funded largely by the same elite groups, the medical sector is turned totally into a business. And from these groups of interest everyday emanate changing rules, policies and coercion to take the jab. Fundamental human rights and sovereignty are at peril, as though caught in a cross firing between governments, corporations, organisations, institutions and other agencies battling in chaos for who controls the most, who has more personal information of people, society, culture, nations and the world. The human ego can be bigger than the world. If not subdued, it can harm oneself and others. The more one holds power whether political, financial or in any other form, the more one becomes heavy-headed, acting recklessly making hasty decisions without discussing with families, colleagues and friends. If we think back our society has been changing gradually over the years. The entertainment we watch through most movies are exploiting its fans and supporters by largely projecting and injecting violence drawn into almost every story. Perhaps this could be the reason there is so much cruelty and we question where in the world there is humanity with a heart. We have to awaken to the reality that is taking place.

However, nature is very kind, it has an incredible principle of the dynamic forces. The more egoistically we think, ‘we are the best, we are irreplaceable’ and act like that, the easier it becomes for nature to replace us with someone or something better. Everything is replaceable in nature and creation including the moon, the Sun and stars. There are several backups. The humbler we are, then more difficult it becomes for nature to replace us.

Those who are responsible for developing the mandates and lockdowns cannot escape accountability. Nobody should force anyone to take the so called unapproved ‘vaccine’ which is a gene therapy as it does not comply with the conventional definition of what is a vaccine. It is a violation of the Nuremberg code (1947) [2].

Truth is like the sun which will always be shining, not visible to one side of the earth for a few hours, but which never rests nor recedes for at least billions of years. Clouds and dust may cloak the sun for a short while or just a few days, but the cover is bound to drop and dissolve.

This pandemic, which is also called ‘plandemic’ now, and as some have even started to openly assert as ‘scamdemic’ as this man-made crisis has stayed on for over a year, since its birth in the laboratory will be exposed for what it truly is.

It is sorrowful to see how mainstream media in India have gone blind to the truth. People are being failed as they put much trust in the media and pay for it to hear that which is largely fearful and rarely truthful these days.

A shift of thinking is necessary as this is an emergency. Sometimes by changing the patterns of internal thinking, we can alter the patterns of external circumstances too.

People speak in generalities. Ask anyone on the street or in households. They are good at highlighting and complaining quickly about what is happening, but what is their input, contribution and knowledge towards change? Probably the expected answer would be ‘I am alone as an individual, what can I do’? Everything begins from an individual - great ideas, revolution, a thought of building monuments, inventions, discoveries. In modern times, individuals have more , it suffices to look into themselves, their habits and practices and their way of living. Never undermine your role in the development of humanity, in whatever capacity, whatever you do can contribute towards global transformation.

Remember you are the purchaser, buyer, investor or consumer so you can decide by knowing how the company or business makes its profit and where and how they spend money, how ethical and pro-nature they are. Your one account in social media means so much profit to those companies and the more you share your information, the more they become powerful in controlling you. One such example is the Cambridge Analytica–Facebook scandal that led to widespread concern over the methods the firm deployed to target voters through psychographic profiling algorithms, built upon Facebook user data [3]. We should not simply become addicted to one or two social media platforms, or remain in our comfort zone, but instead we should do our research and see how big the world is. How many alternative media platforms are out there trying to work for humanity and the betterment of the world? They may be less intrusive regarding your personal information at least and you can express your views openly and honestly without fear of censorship.

It is time every citizen of every country should know their civil rights and liberties, who they are and their heritage as they have a share in their country’s wealth, at least for a decent living, if not a feather on the cap.

If individuals and families do not stand up for their survival and their children's, the future can be bleak. Fear should not take over our true spirit of living and being.

Courage is from the heart; fear is from the mind.

Consider the scenario of learning about what the weather is currently. If it is raining outside, rather than looking outside, we turn to the TV or look at our phones to see what the media says. We should verify by coming out of the house and experiencing for ourselves, where possible.

India will again return to its heart soon and leaders will have widened ears to hear the voices of people who trusted them.

When we drift away from our own heart, we become and look aliens to ourselves.

Dwelling more in the head always makes anyone vulnerable to outside forces and influences. We began our journey on earth from the heart, when we were born with a zero mind and infinite heart. Great qualities such as gratitude, love, creativity, poetry, intuition, compassion, humanity and spirituality spring from the heart, almost the center of the body and the core of our being.

Hence you cannot lie when you lay your hands on the chest and speak. Heartfelt people make an inclusive conversation whereas people who are gripped by power, self-glory and social position make exclusive communication.

India has a heart to hear every country but makes its decision to safeguard its people as it has a deep history and Rishis, scholars, yogis, seers and enlightened Acharyas.

This civilization was built on Dharma and passion to safeguard Dharma, ancient Vedic Dharma, all other schools of thoughts, faiths and beliefs and cultures are hosted and accommodated enjoying their unity and peace.

“All different cultures are like various colorful flowers in the garden of humanity, spirituality alone can weave them into garland of oneness.”

It is time to wake up. It is time to be more aware.

Let us aspire to raise our consciousness and our intuitive abilities to blossom so we can make a difference in the world with our positive thoughts, words and actions, transforming the world from poverty to realised wealth, from illness to wellness, from ignorance to enlightenment, from pessimism to optimism, from division to oneness.

“Oh sun, you are the light and life of all that exists. For a chemist you are just a ball of helium, for an astronomer you are another yellow star, for a botanist you are a physical source of energy from which other life arises. To me you are the golden Sun, and you will always be the Golden Sun. The ever-watching witness to every happening.
You can see beyond our vision. May we be guided in the direction we all should journey as one humanity.”



1 - International Journal of Mental Health Systems, Analysis of news media reports of suicides and attempted suicides during the COVID-19 lockdown in India, Article number: 88 (2020), 3rd December 2020

2 - The Nuremberg Code (1947) - BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL No 7070 Volume 313: Page 1448, 7 December 1996.

3. Margaret Hu; Cambridge Analytica’s black box, First Published August 24, 2020, Volume: 7 issue: 2,


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