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Srinivas Arka has developed a unique and practical method known as the Intuitive Method, through which people are able to tap into their positive potential abilities and enhance their overall well-being. 

Intuitive Method through concentration on the sense of breath, sound and touch is essentially a soothingly uplifting experience. 

It brings ancient techniques meaningfully into the 21st century and its intuitive base allows you to progress and evolve in your own distinctive way.

Tens of thousands of people around the world, including academics, students, businessmen, professionals and artists, are already practicing and enjoying the results of the Intuitive Method.

“Intuition awakens when intelligence is exhausted.

By consciously allowing your heart to supersede the mind during the practice of this method, the latter will gracefully accept new guidance.

The aim is not to control the mind but allow it to flow in the direction you want”.

Intuitive Methode


arka dhyana meditation.jpg
Intuitive Intelligence Programme

Carys Grant

New Zealand – Arka Dhyana IM Instructor

“The beauty of this meditation is the quick results. I can literally see the changes in students – even after the first one hour session. They leave looking far more revived and positive So many students tell me that they are now able to handle problems far more easily, they don’t stress out as much with life’s challenges and they enjoy their children and their lives more, as they are more at peace”. 

Elisa Bustin

Alicante, Spain

“For me, meditation has always meant to control the mind and now, just when I was ready to understand other ways, this method led me directly to my heart, passing by all the rest. I don’t need to control the mind anymore because my focus and all my feelings are smoothly directed to something more important, my heart. The vastness of the universe opens for you so that all the insignificant thoughts can disappear”.

 Menaka Thomas


Brisbane, Australia

“This intuitive method of meditation is simple to follow, gentle and accessible to all, yet leads to profound and life-changing insights”.

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