Life has many facets and we are endowed to master all of them as we travel on the path to fulfill our greatest human potential.

Practical applied spirituality begins by uncovering, realising and actively

improving the 5 petals of the One flower.

This program has successfully developed both organizations and individuals and brings balance and empowerment to make better choices for quality living and business growth.

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  • 5 modules plus an introductory chapter 20 hours in total (presentation, lessons and exercises) in a live session with a certified IIP teacher near you.


  • AN EXPERIENCE BASED SPIRITUALITY BOOKIf you want to understand and sustain your life´s balance, growing internally and externally, order the IIP Book at Coppersun Books here 


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Entrepraneurs and Managers

Sanjay Kumarasingham

Watercare Services Ltd.
New Zealand

“Definitely a course that is recommended for managers and professionals looking for courses on overall intuitive intelligence enhancement”. 

Amrutha Ltd,

United Kingdom

“It is a pragmatic solution to all the important aspects of our everyday life.
IIP showed me how the “way you eat” is as important as “what you eat”.

Shiva Chopra, 
Mumbai, India

“The programme teaches us to see the life in a very different and simple way. It inspired me to host a IIP training programme in Mumbai. It was so successful that we look forward to running more programmes in the coming years”.

Nilesh Parekh
Artha Financial Services,

“He has been the sole reason behind the start-up of my tax and financial practice and I am confident of success and growth in future. I am sincerely thankful to Srinivas Arka for helping us to make us realise the potential that we carry”.



Smudra Variety & Arts

Brisbane, Australia

“The IIP promised to educate our company on 5 topics.
On the day of the training each of our employees was provided with book to accompany the on screen presentation and practical training provided by Srinivas Arka and his team. We found the programme to be easy to understand, informative and surprisingly easy to follow for the benefit of our business.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Arka and his team for the powerful training provided”.

Choice Value

Brisbane, Australia.

“All these five topics are inter-related and covered in the programme to make the company perform well in timely manner to achieve good sales which leads to good business profits. And Good Profits lead to viable business expansion. While doing this program not only monetary profits are achieved but a good relationship with Staff and customers are also achieved for the lasting goodwill in the business”.

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