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Sanjay Madgany - U.K.

“As we begin to evolve and open up to Arka´s teachings, literature, audios and live talks. we also should pay attention to some reoccurring messages of guidance within them. We have been provided with so much special potential which can allow us to achieve greater things and coupled with Srinivas Arka being here to guide us, we should at the very least oblige to these methods, not just for bettering ourselves but also our surroundings and each other”.

Sanjay Kumarasingham, Engineering, Watercare Services Ltd. - New Zealand

“Definitely a course that is recommended for managers and professionals looking for courses on overall intuitive intelligence enhancement”.

Suntaramoorthy Amrutha Ltd - United Kingdom

“It is a pragmatic solution to all the important aspects of our everyday life. IIP showed me how the “way you eat” is as important as “what you eat”.

Shiva Chopra, Actor - Mumbai, India

“The programme teaches us to see the life in a very different and simple way. It inspired me to host a IIP training programme in Mumbai. It was so successful that we look forward to running more programmes in the coming years”.

Nilesh Parekh Artha, Financial Services - Canada

"He has been the sole reason behind the start-up of my tax and financial practice and I am confident of success and growth in future. I am sincerely thankful to Srinivas Arka for helping us to make us realise the potential that we carry.”

Sarah Domigan - Auckland, New Zealand.

“Listening to him (Srinivas Arka) I felt such a sense of connection and calmness. so simple but so powerful”.

Smudra Variety & Arts - Brisbane, Australia

“The IIP promised to educate our company on 5 topics. On the day of the training each of our employees was provided with book to accompany the on screen presentation and practical training provided by Srinivas Arka and his team. We found the programme to be easy to understand, informative and surprisingly easy to follow for the benefit of our business. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Arka and his team for the powerful training provided”.

Choice Value - Brisbane, Australia.

“All these five topics are inter-related and covered in the programme to make the company perform well in timely manner to achieve good sales which leads to good business profits. And Good Profits lead to viable business expansion. While doing this program not only monetary profits are achieved but a good relationship with Staff and customers are also achieved for the lasting goodwill in the business.”.

P Ramachandra B.E, MBA - India

“I haveSrinivas Arka has written about Arka Dhyana and related topics in a very systematic manner explaining the most intricate and complex concepts in a simple form that is easily understood, which will serve as a valuable reference. It provides the reader with the concepts underlying the method of Arka Dhyana and also describes the method in detail with a very practical approach. Arka Dhyana teaches us that there is a means, a natural and positive way to explore our minds and our deeper selves by gently allowing or calling the heart to take over whereby the mind will gracefully accept the new guidance. Arka Dhyana brings out a new philosophy and a new concept for the progress of humanity through a balanced approach to our lives with a blend of scientific understanding and mystical insight”. 

Daniela Cremoux - México 

“When my life in this noisy city (México) becomes too hectic or intense, I can come ‘home’ to my inner refuge and then things softly just take their proper place and rhythm in the inner silence. I gain clarity and become more efficient in everyday tasks, it pacifies strong emotions and centres me. I had enjoy sharing the experience and effect of Arka Dhyana with groups and those keen to learn. We all become so profound and silent, sharing what is most precious within us from our truest heart. I love seeing people’s faces so rested and filled with smiles after Arka Dhyana”.

Cindy Mankasingh, Human Resources Advisor – Canada

“I am very analytical and quite simply, I think too much.I began to cope with negative situations better. After a sudden fall, I fractured my elbow and, for the first time in my life, I laughed at a negative event. Not just a surface laugh, but a deep laugh. I was able to see the humour in the moment despite the pain, discomfort and great inconvenience, and I accepted and surrendered to what had happened, even realizing that there was a lesson for me”.

Tina Lindhard, Psychologist, and Body Therapist - Spain

“ My practice of Arka Dhyana, has changed me totally and also made me realize there is much, much more to this inner journey than I ever imagined”.

Trish Tapara, Consultant, Organisational Development Auckland, New Zealand

“I watch less television, I eat healthier food, I am much more aware of my impact on the environment – I believe this is because I am more consciously aware and can see connections to my health and spiritual well-being. I truly believe that Arka Dhyana helps people to reach their full potential; for me it has created a sense of real purpose and meaning in my life, given me the confidence to step out and make my contribution in everything I do”.

Dr Abilash Mallikarjun, Psychiatrist - England

“Like a catalyst which accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected, with his energetic presence Arkaji accelerates healing at body, mind & spiritual levels. Staying in tune with the cosmic will, he has the ability to clear karmic obstacles with his intuitive approach. Just being in his energetic presence feels purifying & graceful. One can go into deep states of stillness and tranquillity through his spiritual guidance. His in-discriminative communal harmony & global outreach over the decades continues to be remarkable. His soft tender personality, uplifting attitude towards the society & selfless services are divine gifts to humanity”.

Marián Ros, Madrid, Spain

“Yo Buscaba el sentido de la vida de forma consciente. Sabía que había  algo más por lo que vivir que la mera diversión, los viajes, las ilusiones...y en esa búsqueda encontré a Arkaji.
Un ser maravilloso que se quedó en la tierra más tiempo del establecido en su destino para poder ayudarnos a alcanzar nuestras metas”.

Geneviève Drijvers, Centro Indigo, Spain

“Today, Srinivas Arka has founded numerous non-profitable organizations all over the globe, he now works with different medias, has his own CEO’s and professionals who help him to expand his message massively. However, the way he addresses audience still remains as deep as always, being able to reach the core of everyone’s heart for each individual to blossom”.

Abhay Raj Singh Petwal

“Sir, it was an enlightening session. It helped me to know better. Thank you for you humbleness and gratitude”.


Kaushal Pant

“Thorugh his magical words, I learnt the lesson of life, he taught me how to concentrate, I shal practice his technique everyday, practically, and firmly believe that this will benefit me”.


Shikhar Verma

“The class gave me some new views and the concept of “Arkha Dhyana” and meditation was good to hear about. Your technique is effective and could increase one’s concentration. Thank you!”.


Shrutika Bhandali

“I am feeling internal calmness and verse of satisfaction. Here, in this workshop we learnt many things, which were inside us or related to ourselves but we never enlighted them due to our busy schedule. I have stored all the do’s and now I gonna apply these in my dailit life and I am optimistic that all these experiments will surely work. I am mainly inspired by our orator because whatever he told, he must have applied in his life and we can see a real image of all those motivating sentences. 
I will love to attend the next seminar for knowing myself further”.

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