Developed by Srinivas Arka through many years of personal research, study and direct experience, it has helped people around the world to develop their unique, special qualities and enrich their lives. It is a practical, step-by-step approach, to exploring one’s true potential for experiencing peace and harmony within, which can make a positive contribution to health.

You start the journey with your feet and then climb to the crown of the head, touching various points along the way; it is an adventure in self-discovery. The touch, synchronised with breath and sound, instils a powerful magnetic force into each point of the body. The whole sequence weaves together in a beautiful symphony of touch, breath and sound which harmonises the body and mind and automatically relaxes the brain.



Inspires and energizes life and does much more when you become unified with it – inhaling beauty, truth, love and inspiration from the world and then exhaling all that blocks you from experiencing joy, grace, peace and progress.”


Like a musical instrument anyone can play and produce the melody of experience in a unique way; so too this special sound has many positive experiences to offer, according to the way one wishes to operate it”.


Is the Mother sense – a special channel for us to experience the shape and size of the world. Touch is ahead of logic. Touch helps to release stored energy in the body. Through touch you can experience curative and magentic energies.

Watch the fundamental steps towards a complete practice and the many benefits of Arka Dhyana in the voice of practitioners.

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“When consciousness is bathed in unconditional love , negative characteristics like envy, hatred and jealousy are flushed out.

As a consequence, the mind regains its positive attitude, subsequently bringing positive changes in the body”.