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1. Each of us can help to control the spread and duration of the pandemic by:

  • Maintenance of hygiene - follow basic health instructions provided by health authorities in your country.

  • Cooperating with the country’s administration by confining ourselves to our homes and avoiding public gatherings.

2. Our body’s immune system is well equipped by Nature to fight such deadly viruses. Medicines can help to an extent, but we must work with our immune system, joining with this system consciously, emotionally and thoughtfully to overcome this pandemic.

3. Those who already have a low immunity, e.g. with pre-existing conditions like respiratory or heart conditions, should take more precautions, ensuring to eat fresh food which, where possible, has been prepared using organically grown fruit and vegetables, doing some yoga and meditation, taking proper rest and eating food on a regular basis whilst reducing stress.

4. Fear, stress and anxiety can greatly affect our susceptibility and reduce our body’s immunity, thus affecting our outcome. We must be realistic, stay on the ground – grounded and, if possible, spending some time in Nature - be close to our breath and spirit and be in heart awareness. This can help us not to act in a state of panic.

5. A few moments of Intuitive Meditation like Arka Dhyana or Heart-level meditation can keep you composed.

6. Staying home is a wonderful opportunity to undertake some introspection, to calm down and to be present whilst experiencing quality time and inner space. Take this time to establish a stronger connection with people in the family.

7. Technological advances in the name of convenience at such a fast pace has resulted in the destruction of species on Earth, causing contamination of food, water and air.

8. Human greed has led to an ecological imbalance resulting in our ecological system producing new virulent viruses.

9. Depending upon intelligence alone cannot cover all areas of human wellbeing and safety. We must consider our intuition as a prime faculty of our inner consciousness in future decisions.

10. It is the fundamental responsibility and duty of each and every one of us to treat the environment and its contents as part of our being and existence. As everything is intertwined and interconnected harmoniously by Nature, if you affect one thing, it will affect many others.


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