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Intuition, Imagination and Emotions

Intuition is the mother. Imagination is its offshoot like intelligence, humans are born with no intelligence but purely intuition.

Information is the main nutrition for intelligence, whereas imagination ignites when inspired.

High level imagination happens when powered by intuition.

Without intuition imagination becomes restricted by mere physical objects.

Emotion surrounds intuition. Imagination is independent of logic.

As imagination unfolds not confined to problem solving, to drawing, to painting but soars beyond the solar system embracing the beauty and truth of the universe.

Creative Imagination fuses the faculties of intuition and intelligence.

Intuition is not easy to articulate as our vocabulary is limited.

The reason for this lacuna is humans somehow became attracted primarily to the material world gaining worldly experiences alongside developing vocabulary mainly to explain the world and their interaction where science and technology played a major role. Fathoming their own inner world became rare, hence no motivation to coin new words linguistically.

Only a few attempted via intuitive poetry to fill the gap, adding gestures and their emotions.

It is like the quantum field within us hosting these un-articulable yet remained real treasures in their subjective world, various wave patterns of conscious waves.

Conscious evolution

Evolution that is not just evolving on its own by the laws and forces of nature, but promotes and actively nudged by conscious involvement of an individual seeking evolution of one's deeper consciousness.


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