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Truth and Love

Truth and Love are always connected. We can attempt to define Truth, however, Love is quite the opposite.

Love is the most beautiful, ultimate, positive and gentle force of life which can be experienced only in the heart. Its constructive effect can later be felt through the body and mind which then ripples all around whereby others can also become inspired.

Love is not a manifestation between two or more. It is generated in the depth of one’s blossoming heart as a form of spiritual energy.

Love is another form of light and magnetism. It attracts good events and beings, whether animals, birds, plants, trees or other humans.

The more it's acknowledged, the more it adds to the expansion of consciousness. It has healing, transformational, uplifting and creative effects.

“Love is the ultimate self-treatment to everyone’s total well-being. All species are born with love. You become so warm and sweet when such love is awakened. You cannot ask someone for such love, because it is an inner self-experience.”

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