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The Mind

Mind is a generic word.

When you talk about your individual mind, it is one which differs from other minds. The mind is vulnerable and corruptible.

An iron-like mind can change to one which is magnetic only when it establishes connection with the heart, its mother-consciousness. The heart is close to one’s inner spirit. Hence the heart is the centre. It is located almost at the centre of human physical existence.

Since there is an element of cosmicness in all spirits of beings, everyone at the heart is pure and good.

In Kaliyuga people mostly dwell in their minds, hence the world has come to this lowest level.

The more there are millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires, the lower the world gets, where the mind dominates.

“Gratitude is one of a few noble qualities which will lead us to the path of self-realisation. It is like the oxygen of our souls.”

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