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For over two decades he has been travelling the world sharing his insights with people from various backgrounds, cultures and professions and meeting thinkers, policy makers, politicians, professionals and students. Articles by and about him have been published in many journals, newspapers and magazines and he has been interviewed on radio and television shows around the world (download Srinivas Arka Information Package). Srinivas Arka has also been invited to give lectures and seminars at tens of universities and other educational institutions worldwide covering our world current affairs with his unique perspective and hope.

His talks and guidance offer a rare combination of scientific understanding with the blissful insights of spiritual experience, nourishing both the mind and the heart.

Srinivas Arka attended an event held by the Universal Peace Federation, in Commemoration of United Nations International Day of Peace - Together For Peace: Development and Sustainability for All, held in New York, USA on September 20, 2017. At this event Srinivas Arka was a Main Panelist and Recipient of the Ambassador For Peace Award. Delegate at the 2017 World Leader. Summit of Love and Peace in New York.

Srinivas Arka
Srinivas Arka Philosopher


His philosophy has a meta-physical foundation. It centres on the need for balance in our lives and the importance of finding equilibrium in family, professional and social responsibilities.


He also demonstrates how science and philosophical understanding and personal spiritual experiences play complementary roles in expanding human consciousness, harmony and greater health.

Srinivas Arka´s philosophy encourages you to:

Explore and experience your deeper self in a way that integrates both the rational mind and heart based intuitive experiences through Arka Dhayana intuitive meditation program. 

Raise your understanding on how learning should take place, our role as human beings

and how our future can be shaped based on current thinking.

Strengthen your physical, mental and emotional health using ancient wisdom.

Srinivas Arka has authored several books praised for their rendition of inspirational thoughts, Intuitive Meditation Arka Dhyana and various others, including a fictional novel based on his philosophies.

His works are published and translated into various languages by Coppersun Books (est. 2003) a publishing company focused in inspiring new thinkers. Books like the classic Adentures in Self Discovery touched people’s hearts worldwide, and enlightened them to many facets of life.

books Srinivas Arka


He has worked with colleges and helping students to learn and focus through different practices, he encourages pupils to look outside their books, and to see all the ways that education applies to real life.

He conducts retreats and applied spirituality programs that turn into life changing events for attendees. If you are lookig to attend them, check our events page.

He has personally trained students who have become instructors on the Intuitive Method, which you can consider for direct mentorship in your area in our directory.

Srinivas Arka Teacher
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