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Arka means Sun in Sanskrit.
Dhama means land in Sanskrit (bhumi)




It not just any land but land that has been touched by spiritual vibration or land that is purified by spiritual activities.  That is called Dhama - land of serenity and tranquility.  
You’ve all walked though Arka Dhama, observed the natural vegetation and plants. Here, we attempt to preserve nature and observe natural practices such as allowing the moon light to light our way instead of using artificial lighting. We avoid using pesticides and chemicals so organic farming is at the heart of our culture here.  We have all forgotten the ancient, natural way of living and have adopted modern way of practices, living superficially, harming our health and taking us away from our innate inner resources. We also have 9 naturally bred cows and each day organic milk is supplied by them. 
There is a Kalyani which is a place where Goddess Laxmi has been said to reside. It represents prosperity. This is located beside Shree Arka Mahaganapathy temple where sunrise and sunset poojas occur every day by the resident priest, for Arka Mahaganapathy, a form of mystical Ganesha revered as remover of abstacles and fulfiller of wishes by many all around the world. 
Services offered here include Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation, a meditation developed by Srinivas Arka after many years of study, research and experiment using one’s own touch, breath and sound. We all have innate resources which are utilised with Arka Dhyana. We also hold Bharatnatyam dance classes. On a daily basis we have chanting of Sanskrit mantras. We also hold early morning Ashtanga yoga classes. 
Arka Dhama also features an Ayurveda Centre with resident doctors and therapists. Ayurveda is based on a traditional, holistic healing system. You can have treatments for all sorts of things, for example weight loss, snoring, varicose veins using a natural system.  

A day at Arka Dhama

A day at Arka Dhama

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