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A deeper meaning: human greed takes a toll on the planet and in us

What you are describing is the impact of our activities on us, other beings and planet Earth through our present thought, and societal systems. Is there even more profound meaning to this?

Human insecurity, greed and senseless competitiveness of being ahead and sustaining wealth longer are colossal problems. Everyone wants to be a millionaire or billionaire. It is a mirage which cannot happen because there is already a heavy toll on Earth, as it is struggling to cope, and it is going to shake off excess debris, not only in the physical form, but also karmic toxins created by us. When human greed takes over, it causes disturbance such that Nature responds and imposes its law by unleashing calamity upon us.

Need is good, but greed, which is an exaggerated want, can be harmful.

We have only one planet, only one home and it is our only hope, at least for now. It is our fundamental responsibility and duty to treat the environment and its contents as part of our being and existence.

When any living body becomes too toxic, the cells burst throwing out its disrupted genetic materials. These somehow become viruses and gather with time some capability to infect other organisms. The common behaviour of a virus is to land on the cell surface and inject or puncture the cell wall to gain entry to the cells’ machinery and utilize its internal structure and materials to copy itself.

Evolution is graceful in nature. Human evolution of intelligence and greed can result in not only causing damage and destruction to the world but also causing self-destruction. Sometimes it seems that our egos are bigger than the universe.

Is it the internal human plight you are referring to?

Being wealthy, in the truest sense, means living with awareness of our roots, culture and health, having true, authentic confidence and knowledge, and feeling content whilst working to be better. One may have abundant material wealth, but if one cannot smile from the heart, then it means that somewhere, something is wrong. Identifying ourselves with material growth can make us highly vulnerable.


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