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Our selfish attitude is the root of the matter and what needs an urgent change

It is human feeling and thinking that has brought us to the height of civilization today, but what you are pointing towards is a need for something more, if we are to prosper in the future…

I wondered as a kid and as a teenager why we have not seen any more advanced and evolved species than humans on Earth? Are we at the top of evolution? Why are we given such importance by Nature, it having provided us with such facilities and opportunities to be the custodians of the planet? There must be some wonderful intention of our higher nature for us to be the caretakers of this beautiful bluish and green planet and not to abuse, exploit or rape the planet.

We take so much from Mother Earth, but we give nothing back to her. The way we treat this planet, our big home, is often unkind and in some ways, we are all responsible.