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Staying home is a challenge and also a beautiful opportunity

Before this time, parents were struggling to share their knowledge and life-experiences both good and bad with their children. Because they had no time, everyone was busy, including most parents, now the tables have turned.

Staying at home is a unique opportunity created by time and nature. Spend more time with your family, children and elders, and understand them better and establish a greater connection with them. Forgive each other, no one can be perfect; everyone tries to be their best.

This is such a wonderful opportunity to spend time at home, to calm down and to be there whilst experiencing time and inner space. Now it feels as if the whole world is transported back a hundred years.

“If nature is disturbed, children are the first to be affected, because they are very close to nature and it speaks through them. There is a need for immediate attention to minimise the interference with nature, if man really loves children.” Toronto, Canada 1996.


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