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Do each of us have a role to play in Nature?

Nature must be respected; our planet is truly our mother. She may not be a biological mother but for certain she is a cosmological mother.

Each person is responsible directly or indirectly for the way the world is going.

We affect the world both collectively and individually. Prior to buying or using materials and doing things we must ask ourselves - is it really necessary? Our mind exaggerates our needs and requirements. Ask for a big discount from your mind. If we start cleaning up our house, we realise most materials, whether small or big, are simply surplus to requirements and useless. On the contrary, they occupy space and clutter the house. From now on, everything has to change, and will change.

It is not an informational time but a transformational time.

We truly have abundant power to affect the world as individuals through our choices, selections and lifestyles. We must become more sensible and responsible in our consumption of Earth’s resources, and give priority to our health, family, happiness and others’ wellbeing. Fulfilment comes after these. Without others being happy and healthy, without our planetary environment’s health and wellbeing, we will not be able to accomplish our health and wellbeing, goals, objectives and dreams.

“The desire to deepen our awareness, to know the true Self and to experience various states of consciousness are all signs of the truth, which is that we are not limited physical beings, but infinite spiritual beings, who have a great role to play in the universe. There is an invitation, outside of time, for us to explore the inner universe; the outward physical journey alone is not enough.” Quotation from the book ‘Arka Dhyana: Intuitive Meditation’, January 2014.

“Let us aspire to raise our consciousness and intuitive abilities to blossom so we can make a difference in the world with our positive thoughts, words and actions; transforming the world from poverty to realised wealth, from illness to wellness, from ignorance to enlightenment, from pessimism to optimism, from division to oneness.” January 2003

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Thanks Arka swamiji very educational and informative.

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