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Technological advancement and speed will not solve this situation

Why is this happening even though we have made so much technological advances in our society today?

The Earth we live on is no longer the same planet as it was before the invention of radio, radar, televisions, computers and mobiles. Electrification of our Earth means it is now blanketed in an intense field of radio frequency radiation emitted from technology. The use of toxic chemicals in everyday items and pesticides for cultivation of the Earth have given comfort and convenience on the physical level but comes with a heavy price, which we have started paying.

We are brainwashed repeatedly to regularly upgrade our mobiles, computers and cars, increasingly cluttering the world. Our space above the Earth is also cluttered with tonnes of heavy metals and objects floating and orbiting the earth. There are also changes in Earth’s magnetic field taking place. This has impacted our environment and as a result the Earth’s protective atmospheric layer has weakened. This may also have affected behaviour and chemistry in many species, including humans and has led to diminishing memory, hair loss, declining eyesight and caused diseases such as cancer. The situation is made worse through genetically modified food, polluted water and air, lack of good sleep, increased stress on our lifestyle and more. Here, I mention only a few aspects of which the majority are within our control.

It could get worse if 5G becomes more prevalent throughout the globe. Besides the fear, it will not stop there, as people get used to its side effects and become addicted to the madness of speed. As people start demanding more capacity in processing information then will come 6G, 7G and so on. The magnetic fields of the Earth and all species tend to become weak over time, with the possibility of the genomes (DNA) getting affected which may result in mutation into strange forms of creatures and micro-organisms. It might become so common that it causes much havoc and destruction to all species on Earth, causing contamination of food, water and air and our ecological system may produce new virulent viruses.

This is what we undergo when we ask for material comforts and access to information and instant communications. Adding to these, we are at the precipice of joblessness, consequently resulting in the growth of depression in our society. The fault does not lie with the actual technology and science itself, but rather the speed at which it was developed and man’s state of awareness with the choices made during development. Our bodies and our minds are not able to cope with this speed of technological and artificial intelligence evolution.

Somewhere, humanity is not going in the right direction. It is Nature’s compassion that she has created what looks like a time for us to be introspective and to rethink and revisit all that we have done. Now we have a juncture to sketch out the future course of humanity which should come from the heart, with the involvement of our intuition. Depending upon intelligence alone cannot ensure good decisions are made in all areas of human wellbeing and safety. Intelligence is unidirectional, based on common sense, logic and rationality. Intuition however is multi-directional and unconditionally considerate of the wellbeing of all of Nature.

The universe is not made of one thing, so we should consider intuition as a prime faculty of our inner consciousness in future decisions – we should set up an international body, with a board of members representing every country in the world, and give them an opportunity to express their views and opinions before introducing any new product - whether scientific, technological, social or any other kind - and consider its consequences. Profit should not be the main or sole criterion; this has failed us in many ways.

“We have stretched too far on one side in the age of information, now it’s time to return home, to attend to the whispers of golden intuition echoing from the valleys of the heart.” 2018

So, the technology we have created will also affect us in the future?

As technology advances, our genes find it hard to cope and meet with the evolving demands and challenges of survival in the natural sense. More viruses and new creatures may be formed which future generations will find hard to cope with.

When human activity and lifestyle on Earth excessively interferes, so much ecological imbalance occurs. One affects the other. From the current crisis, it is evident that we are all united at the end of the day on one planet, regardless of our social, financial or any other status or backgrounds. All animals, plants and trees, as well as marine species, are also part of our unified existence.

“Unless we care for animals more compassionately and treat plants and trees respectfully, we cannot justify ourselves as complete human beings because they are closely connected with our existence. Without this awareness and consideration, there will be a natural gap of fulfillment in us; this may also affect our expansion of consciousness and slacken discovering deeper truths in nature.” December 2018.


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2 comentarios

Really interesting reading. Pathways I had never explored before like the advancing technology interfering with Earth’s radiation fields.

Me gusta

Really interesting reading. Pathways I had never explored before like the advancing technology interfering with Earth’s radiation fields.

Me gusta
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